Clone with existing app at target

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Clone with existing app at target

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Hey guys,

Currently if you go to clone an app to a subdomain or directory where one already exists, it simply fails with an error about an existing app being there already. This is great to prevent data loss.

However we've had a lot of people confused as to how to clone from a dev URL back to a live URL when it presents this error. We explain that they simply need to remove the app that's in the destination, then proceed with the clone.

That said, it would be great if Installatron could instead prompt with something like:

"The app ${app_name} already exists at this location! Would you like to remove it, then proceed with the clone?" And perhaps the options could be:
- Backup & Remove destionation app, then Clone
- Remove destination app, then Clone
- Do nothing

Thanks as always for considering!

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