cPanel :: Move domains to separate accounts

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cPanel :: Move domains to separate accounts

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We're aware of the following method for moving a WordPress site to a new URL: ... tallatron/

However, our use case is a bit different:

We have a reseller with multiple domains (WordPress installations) hosted on their cPanel account. We would like to split those domains into separate cPanel accounts for better security and resource management, with minimal downtime, and our idea of doing so is along these lines:

Migration details:
- Both accounts on the same server
- Domain to move:
- Source user (reseller account): user1
- Target user (resold account): user2

- Create a new cPanel account (user2) using a temporary domain name: ''
- Sync all file/folder data from 'user1' to 'user2'
- Search and replace path references in the files on 'user2'
- Import the database without site/home URL changes
- Search and replace database path references
- Remove the addon domain entry from 'user1'
- Change the primary domain of 'user2' from '' to ''

Does Installatron support this type of local migration, or something similar? If the steps required can also be provided in command line examples that would be great so we can factor the process in our tools. Any suggestions are greatly welcomed, thank you!
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