Renewals - one month fee for one day of use!

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Renewals - one month fee for one day of use!

Post by donnacha » Mon Aug 31, 2009 1:56 pm

I experimented with Installatron for a few months and found it very promising - if you ever do a special version that simplifies the installation and upgrading of WordPress and the 20 most popular WordPress plugins, you'll have a killer product on your hands.

I enjoyed trying to customize Installatron but didn't have the time necessary to get it running the way I need, so, I stopped renewing for a couple of months, planning to get back to it.

Today, however, when I went to renew, I discovered that paying for a full month will only give me one day, because it will expire again tomorrow (2009-09-01), so, of course, I won't bother.

I do understand that there are advantages to running your subscriptions on a strict calendar-month basis but I think it is pretty discouraging to anyone who doesn't happen to consider your product in the first week of a month. Most people will stop and say, "Okay, I'll come back at the beginning of next month" but will almost certainly forget to come back.

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Re: Renewals - one month fee for one day of use!

Post by Phil » Mon Aug 31, 2009 2:42 pm


Just open a ticket and we will manually create an invoice for a pro-rated renewal. We do plan add this feature to the website sometime in the future but it's low priority right now. It's also possible to just order a new monthly license for the server; it will cost the same as a pro-rated renewal, the only disadvantage being the IP has to be re-entered.

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