Installatron Server like Installatron Remote

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Installatron Server like Installatron Remote

Post by bmwillrath » Wed Aug 26, 2015 4:54 pm

So I've discovered and really liking Installatron, but getting to the next step is proving harder than it should be.

I've got a cluster of servers I'd like to use Installatron on, But they are using which isn't supported.

I've spoken to a few devs but nobody feels confident enough with the current documentation to implement Installatron Server with VestaCP.

So what I'd like to do is setup my own version of Installatron Remote on a server in our cluster, We're only using it to manage Wordpress Installations, and this way we can just add all the websites to our own Installatron and manage them from there.
(Note: We've tried Installatron Remote, in theory it works fine but we have had so many issues and its so slow that We'd like our own, on the same network.)

I've contacted Support & Sales over a week ago and they haven't replied to me yet so just wondering if anybody can give me the details on how to setup my own Installatron Remote?


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