Possible install problem

Regarding problems encountered while using the website owner interface.
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Possible install problem

Post by mlk1950 » Sun Jan 24, 2016 9:23 am

Wordpress 4.4.1 won’t update changes I make.
I’m using Wordpress 4.4.1 that I installed through Godaddy. I’m building a new site, and using the Twenty Ten theme ( which I used on the last site I built, but an earlier Wordpress version) and Intermittently, when working on the “Home” page, making changes to the text in the dashboard, it fails to update my changes. I’ve talked with Godaddy’s tech people and they have really tried to help me with this. It got to the point of doing a backup and restore of my site, which worked for awhile, and then it started doing this again. This is getting very irritating. Is there a bug with this version of Wordpress regarding this? Listed below is what I have done to try and fix this. To no avail. It only seems to do this on the “Home” page. I’ve read a lot on these forums and nothing seems to fix the problem.
1. Clearing all browser history and cache.
2. Rebooted my network modem to clear the cache.
3. Disabled all plugins
4.Tried it on another computer.
5 Did a restore of my site which worked for a short while.
I have no caching plugins installed.
Not getting any errors popping up.
Please help if you can. It would be greatly appreciated.
I posted this on the Wordpress forum and was told, that there is probably something wrong with the Wordpress install. I was told the best fix would be to reinstall the core Wordpress files. How do I do that without losing all of my content. I did the installation in Cpanel from Godaddy.

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Re: Possible install problem

Post by Phil » Tue Jan 26, 2016 2:45 pm

Hi Tom,

Sorry to hear about the trouble. Do you also experience this issue with the Twenty Sixteen theme?

Phillip Stier
Installatron Co-Founder

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