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Templates across servers?

Posted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:23 am
by timmmmyboy
I'm interested in the ability to use "Application Templates" across multiple servers. While there isn't much technical documentation on them what I've gathered is that an install is packaged up into a tar.gz bundle in /root/.appdata/templates and then exists as part of Installatron's settings (which are stored in a serialized string at /root/.appdata/.settings. Assuming that's right (and let me know if I'm off base) is there any potential for taking packages to additional servers? Copying the tar.gz files doesn't seem to be enough and without the original install they were based off of on the same server we don't see the ability to create the template. We'd love to use this to offer a few WP templates but we have over 100 servers so we'd need to find some way to manage it even if a little manual work was involved.