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Backup causes displayed SMF version number to be incorrect

Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:56 pm
by Griffin
I have something strange happening updating and backing up my SMF forum via Installatron.

I updated successfully from SMF 2.0.11 to SMF 2.0.14
"Applications Tab" displays SMF version as 2.0.14

I then took a Backup, again via Installatron

When I went back to the "Applications" Tab, after the backup, the SMF version was showing as 2.0.11 - ie. reverted back.

However, the SMF version was actually still 2.0.14 so it seems to be something wrong whereby back up causes the version number to be displayed as the earlier, now incorrect, version number.

Where does Installatron get the display version number from? Could this be set wrongly? Why is the displayed version number not the same as the actual version number? But why would it only happen after backing up?