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Lost Chamilo installation

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 7:57 pm
by Claudine
I'm so lost that I'm not even sure what to ask. My Chamilo installation has been down for almost 2 weeks now. No problems at all, then an error 500 message. My server said a php file was (somehow) missing and they reinstalled it. I thought it was fixed but got a new error message when trying to click on any course. Again, missing php files. I tried to install a backup and it failed, giving this error message:
Technical error:
Error: extraction failure: unable to extract `/hermes/bosoraweb133/b2628/sl.texasmidwiferyschool/public_html/public/.application_backup_app_texasmidwiferyschool-com_Texas-Midwifery-School_2016-02-01_14-10-00.tar.gz' to `/hermes/bosoraweb133/b2628/sl.texasmidwiferyschool/public_html/public' (`'):
gzopen(/hermes/bosoraweb133/b2628/sl.texasmidwiferyschool/public_html/public/.application_backup_app_texasmidwiferyschool-com_Texas-Midwifery-School_2016-02-01_14-10-00.tar.gz): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /hermes/bosnaweb16a/b2628/sl.texasmidwiferyschool/public_html/public/deleteme.xzfdrrzdqt0g.php[20] (PHP 5.3.29 Linux)
Unable to open in read mode '/hermes/bosoraweb133/b2628/sl.texasmidwiferyschool/public_html/public/.application_backup_app_texasmidwiferyschool-com_Texas-Midwifery-School_2016-02-01_14-10-00.tar.gz' in /hermes/bosnaweb16a/b2628/sl.texasmidwiferyschool/public_html/public/deleteme.xzfdrrzdqt0g.php[20] (PHP 5.3.29 Linux)

I sent in a support ticket but the response has been very, very slow. Now, for 4 or so days if I go to the usual URL I get a "Forbidden - You don't have permission to access /public/ on this server." message. I looked through my file manager in the website and can't even find the Chamilo installation now. Has this happened to anyone else? What could possibly cause this to happen? Is there anything that can be done?