Installatron over FTP

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Installatron over FTP

Post by fvinstallatron » Thu Apr 08, 2010 5:54 am


We are implementing a custom-version of Installatron on a central server and wish to use FTP.

By setting

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$details["path_remote"] = "";
We can pass the `domain check`; and the deleteme.XXX.php file is uploaded and executed - so far so good.

However, if we return a FTP path from getInstallPath(), the Installatron install just times out (doesn't even attempt an FTP connection to the server). If we return the proper path; Installatron installs the application successfully; but on the LOCAL machine; not the actual web server!

I have raised a support ticket (but haven't recieved any answer so far).

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Re: Installatron over FTP

Post by Phil » Thu Apr 08, 2010 7:33 am


For FTP-utilizing implementations the getInstallPath method should return the local path to the installation from the context of the remote host. Installatron session variables can be used by the getInstallPath method, so you might use something like this:

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	public function getInstallPath($httphttps, $domain, $directory, $subdomain)
		return itron::$session["path_home"]."domains/$domain/"
			.( $httphttps === "http" ? "public_html" : "private_html" )
			.( $subdomain !== null && $subdomain !== "www" ? "/".$subdomain : "" )
The fact this caused Installatron to install to the local machine suggests a misconfiguration in the return values of the getUser method. In addition to the path_remote return value, a path_home return value is also required. Similar to the getInstallPath method, the path_home return value should be the local path to the same directory as path_remote but from the context of the remote host.

Phillip Stier
Installatron Co-Founder

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