New to Installatron need some help

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Re: New to Installatron need some help

Post by nibb » Wed Feb 10, 2010 1:47 pm

I wanted to go back to this topic again. It passed sometime and Installatron doesn't have those installers. I have a good list of very powerfull scripts that are included in other installers which Installatron doesn't have. Some of them mentioned here before.

I know creating the installers is the easy part. The work is on the updates. But then again I think people dont actually pay Installatron for the software, they pay for the service.

That means. If I would need the installers, I would have programmed a an auto installers myself. Its the updates and the way it can handle upgrades that is interesting for providers and clients.

If I renew installatron each year/month, etc its so you guys make the hidden work of checking updates, testing and releasing them. Thats what people pay, the service, not the software. Otherwise this would be just a simple installer and nothing more. Just a cpaddon.

About the updates, I cannot imagine how you dont developed an automated way of doing this. You can program some custom jobs to check new version for each script. And then have a virtual environment for each testing, and have it almost completely automated. This way manually testing would be very fast and straight forward.

Check updates.
Test updates.
Release updates.

If you discover a fast system to do this, I think updates should be easy as well. The software sale is one time earning for you, but the service to keep this running its whats worth. And to be honest, installatron is losing its tracks since it was released. There are currently installers that do the same and with allot more apps. Still I think Installatron will be further developed since it seems not even the forums have further activity anymore.

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