When can we drop Fantastico?

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When can we drop Fantastico?

Postby nibb » Thu Dec 10, 2009 6:06 am

Im sorry if the topic if out of scope. I dont check the list of apps Installatron has for months now so I just open this topic based on what I know already.

Last year I installed Installatron. I was very happy and its a very superior product over Fantastico, but it did not had all apps Fantastico did. Yes, allot of Fantastico apps are crap but anyway I decided to leave Fantastico on servers working together with Installatron. Some people still used Fantastico, even when I suggest them not to do, as I want to drop it. But Installatron combined with Fantastico had over 80 apps at that time, a list that neither of them had alone. So I left Fantastico.

So the time has come where I had to renew my Fantastico and installatron. Its a double expense to keep both active on a server. Today I just not only renewed my Installatron license but went ahead and bought a second one. Now im not sure if Im going to need to install Fantastico as well on this new servers as keeping 2 apps installer just more $$$ per server. I wish there comes a time when I dont have to look back into Fantastico anymore, that means Installatron has each apps Fanstico has and more. Im sorry if that time has come and im no aware of this but I was so bussy lately that I dont take a look into my installatron license for months now. I was even going to build some custom apps but time got me. The last thing I remember was I had Installatron branded and customized and an updated reverted all my branding, that was like 6 months or so ago, since that time I did not touched my install again as i was bit pissed off after all my work.

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