Great Job

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Great Job

Postby nibb » Mon Jan 12, 2009 7:48 am

I see Installatron is integrated inside RvSkin now. So I activated it for all clients. I bought it some month ago but it wasnt yet activated for client use. Now that is integrated into the panel theme it looks great. Really good, just like Fantastico is inside the panel, but Installatron of course is more professional with automatic updates, rollback and all the features that people would need to manage their applications. :D

Its also fully branded, lets see how customers react to it. I will probably go with a datacenter version too in the short future to bundle it with VPS/Servers.

Lets keep the quality of scripts going up, thats my suggestion. I will also see what people suggest from personal own use and update on things that could be done with it in the future.

Thanks !!!

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