Installatron 5.2 released

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Installatron 5.2 released

Postby Rowan » Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:20 am

Installatron 5.2 has been released:

* Plesk for Windows support is now stable for Plesk 9.x and Plesk 8.x.
* Installatron's control panel API is now public, allowing intergration of Installatron into just about anything.

* Fixed bug that caused installer version filters derived from requirements to sometimes be ignored.
* cPanel and Plesk: Fixed Converter to always pre-select the correct version of convertable installs.
* cPanel: Fixed to properly inherit the control panel locale setting.
* cPanel: Added ability for Installatron to be embedded into cPanel themes (including RVSkin). Added new Adminstrative Theming Setting to control the default functionality.

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